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Repiping with Copper and/or PEX

Repiping with copper

A typical single family home full repipe can be completed in as few as three (3) days or as many as five (5) days

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Plumbing Residential & Commercial


If the water is finding a way to get out, we will certainly find a way to get in to identify and address the problem.

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Pool & Spa Evaporation / Water Loss


Depending on the region and climate in which you live, it may not be uncommon for your pool’s water level to vary day

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Premier Leak Detection Services for the California Bay Area

We Are Not Your Ordinary Leak Detection Company!

Welcome to our official homepage. Leak Detection Solutions provides leak detection, leak monitoring and water management. We work in both homes and businesses, using the latest technological innovations and first-rate scientific equipment. This equipment and our expert staff allow us to find and fix your leak with minimum invasiveness. That means less time and less money spent.

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Preparation and Leak Tests

What tests can be performed to detect a leak?

Slab Leak Symptoms


Here are some things to look for if you suspect a leak in your slab:

- The sound of running water when all water is turned off
- A hot spot on the floor – could indicate a hot water line leak
- Cracks in walls or floors could be damage from a slab leak
- Mildew or excessive moisture under carpets could indicate your slab is cracked and the pipes are leaking water
- High water bills could also indicate a slab leak. Although a high water bill could indicate a water leak behind the wall or in your pool, plumbing under the slab is also suspect.

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Meter Test


Here’s a quick test that you can do using your water meter to determine if you have a hidden plumbing leak. Knowing the volume of loss will help your leak specialist understand the potential size of the leak. Also, after a leak detection repair is completed, you can check the meter again to make sure all the leaks have been repaired.

This test should be conducted for a 30 minute period, during which time no water is being used on the property.

- Find your water meter, which is usually located in front of the house in a covered box near the street.
- Write down the numbers indicated on the meter at the start of this test.
- Return to check the meter reading after 30 minutes have passed.
- If the numbers have not changed, you do not have a leak in your pressurized water system.
- If the numbers have changed, continue with the following steps.
- Shut off the valves under all toilets in the house, and repeat the first four steps.
- If the numbers have not changed, you may have a running toilet that should be serviced.

If the numbers have changed, this indicates water consumption even though water was not being used during the test, and you may need a leak detection/repair.

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